Around Edmond: NonDoc Live Tweets Edmond Capital Improvements Project Adv. Board meeting. KFOR investigates steep homeowner insurance premium increases. Gov. & Lt. Gov. forget to tell Senate Pro Tem Treat he is governor.

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Hi everyone, in another round of “How about that longgggg title”, here we are again.

Joe Tomlinson has been doing an amazing job over the last year as the civics reporter in Edmond for NonDoc Media, so a big thank you to him for doing the work, since the Edmond Sun was killed by national publisher CNHI. Today, Joe showed up to the Capital Improvements Project Advisory Board meeting and found a few changes were coming to the City Complex Center, with a reduction of the height of the parking garage due to costs rising after Mr. Shellam’s delay in the matter, and then changes on the facade of the new YMCA/Library due to the cost of wood.

Also. Assistant City Manager Andy Conyers says he is disappointed that Hal French has not further contacted the City Staff with regard to his withdrawal of The Uncommon Ground Park.

Here is the live thread during the meeting by Joe Tomlinson of


The Sooner State’s rates are more than 150 percent higher than the national average, according to

Kfor just released a story about an Edmond homeowner who just moved here from Broken Arrow a year ago with a $1400 homeowner’s insurance premium for her first year that was increased by the insurer to $4,000 this year, without cause or justification and you won’t believe what the Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner said about this usurious increase, something to the effect of the cost of wood, blah blah blah, which Kfor investigated and found the cost of wood to have decreased 43% in the last year, and how he allegedly can’t do anything about it. Check it out here:


Unbelievably, our Governor went to Paris, France for an airshow and conference this week, leaving our Lt. Governor in charge… who forgot to tell anyone he was headed out to Georgia to a PAC political conference and/or Lt. Governor’s Conference. Including making a post Monday to a local educator about not needing a State of Emergency declaration because he was approving waivers of some sort, and the location on his tweet from “Earth”, I swear on a bible he was trying to hide his location.

Anyway, after the poor folks up in Tulsa, surrounding areas and east Oklahoma who are being charged double rates at local hotels, after sweltering under a heat warning, and without power since Saturday night, Senate Pro Tem Treat finally issued a State of Emergency for 10 counties affected by the powerful storm.

Once Senate Pro Tem Treat was notified Tuesday at 1 pm that he was the acting Governor, he immediately signed an executive order, and our newly elected AG announced he wants the legislature to write up new law that actually requires the Governor and Lt. Governor to notify the Senate Pro Tem they are out of the State and or Country, like grown adults would do in the normal course of business.

Sadly, Senator Treat stated that in the last 12 months, this isn’t the first time this has happened, leaving our state without a Governor who is aware they are Governor. 

Seems to me I can’t remember hearing of Mary Fallin ever doing this. THAT is how bad what has happened is, especially for those of you who are new to our state. It’s really, really bad.

Be sure to check in Thursday to see what’s happening this weekend around Edmond! 

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