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Hi everyone, how about that wind and rain last night?! Hoping you made it through without any repairs needed. Earlier in the evening Heard on Hurd celebrated Dad’s and it was a really fun relaxing event. Justin Echols was up first and was a great start to the evening musical lineup with Sarafina Byrd following, and then The Black Rims.

Hitch, A Wilde Collective, Dallas Designs 405 Boutique were among the many retail vendors that were popular, as was the Bondi Bowls truck, Daisy Mae’s, HTeaO, The Baked Bear, S’no Smore and other food trucks with cool offerings for the warm day. Attendees loved the giant drone simulator in the Citizen’s community lobby along with the mini drones available to fly inside the lobby, hosted by Simply Indie Filmfest.

One of the favorite items set out for display was the vintage Chevy advertising the Libertyfest car show and park fest coming up next Saturday June 24th at Hafer Park that runs from 8-1pm.

Check out the photo gallery below from last night, and check back here Tuesday to see what’s happening around Edmond! 

Happy Father’s Day!

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