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In mid 2017, it had become clear to me that my sedentary lifestyle, of sitting while doing computer work, had taken its toll on me physically, to the extent of being concerned for my physical well-being, and after being publicly humiliated by a 30 something young professional.

In 3 years, I had gained 150 lbs., and could not feel my feet or hands. I do not own any full-length mirrors and the only mirror I had only went to my waistline. I literally didn’t see what had occurred, and surely was in denial as to what I did see.

On June 13, 2017, in a professional setting, I had a young man (who sadly was born and raised in Edmond) look me up and down in disgust, and then laughed at me while looking me straight in the eye. It was the most embarrassed I had ever been this particular day, as I knew my clothes did not fit well, and the humiliation left a permanent mark on my life.

We all tell each other size doesn’t matter, and to me it never has, however, this one person changed that perspective for me, and proved very clearly that that mantra is simply not really true, in real life.

I went home, took a full-length selfie, and went silent at what my then current physical condition had become. I wore a size 30, when 3 years prior I wore a size 12. As of today, I’ve lost 126 lbs.

In 2017, on this particular day in June, I dropped down and began a journey set in my mind to lose 150 lbs using the tools from my previous trainer, and a mat, an exercise ball, two 10 lb hand weights and my porch as a box step.

In 2007, my husband and I employed the services of an amazing, college educated, certified trainer, and between us, that year we lost 125 lbs. We had retrained ourselves in our thinking, eating habits and made basic physical activity/workouts a normal part of our lives. Then, the economy disintegrated.

I kept this goal to myself, and didn’t share my goal with anyone and made myself accountable to myself. I changed my diet (removing all processed food, soda, salt, sugar for an entire year and only ate fresh foods). This change for me, included discontinuing eating what my family chose to eat, which had to be done, as they were not on the same page I found myself on, at the moment.

Mr. Attebery of Results Fitness stated this is common and most often it leads to healthy competitiveness with married couples. At first, my journey did not start this way, but after the last year, and my results and progress, my family is finally starting to set their own goals for healthy living, to my relief.

I didn’t share this journey with social media nor my family and I didn’t complain to anyone at all at how hard it was or how much it hurt to get to my goal of at least a 100 lb weight change. This goal was only for me, and, it was for me to accomplish on my own or fail at on my own, because in fact, the failure rate was pretty high for this particular goal, and in doing it solo – and I knew it.

Jump to March of 2018. I first shared with the public that I had in fact lost 60 lbs. I was astounded by the engagement and responses asking me what I had done, and how they could start. I must say it is encouraging as to how many of you are interested in changing your personal situations.

My goal now is to lose another 35 to 40 lbs, to feel healthy and to feel comfortable with my outward appearance.

After running cross-country throughout my youth, I would like to complete a 5k soon. Baby steps.

Brian Attebery training a local client at Results Fitness at Santa Fe & 15th Street in Edmond

Start Your Weight Loss Journey with a Licensed Certified Professional

As I did not, and do not, feel it is right for me to give advice as to what worked for me, in my now 126 lb weight loss journey, I had a phenomenal conversation with Brian Attebery, a nationally certified trainer and owner of Results Fitness here in Edmond, about how to find a trainer who is properly educated, certified and trained to give advice as to how to change ones mindset, eating habits, correct training process, and gain accountability in their weight loss goals without constant supervision of a trainer.

Mr. Attebery’s attitude in requiring his clients to be partially responsible for their training on their own, is one of my favorite things about our conversation, because at one point you must own the journey.

Mr. Attebery stated that the public must be careful as to who they choose to train them as many trainers can become certified online with little to no education in nutrition, proper training techniques, and more.

Most people will join a gym and get there only to realize they have no idea where to start.

At Results, every trainer is college educated, and certified and licensed to help you reach your weight and fitness goals. While Mr. Attebery is known for training pageant participants, they also train every day people too.

Results Fitness has very affordable rates for individuals, couples and whole families. They are also our neighbors, so the accountability for customer service is high, as are Mr. Attebery’s standards of service.

Services you can expect are training, nutritional guidance, and maintenance training. You can be assured that every trainer at this locally owned facility knows their stuff and will guide you properly through the process, leaving you with the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the end, on your own, with full confidence in your own abilities.

To find out more about Results Fitness, located at Santa Fe and 15th Street, find them at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, or visit online at www.ResultsOK.com