Hi everyone and welcome to EdmondActive’s newest weekly online feature, Happy Hour. Our restaurant and bar scene has exploded over the last 15 months, and I’m here for all of it!

To start off, the City of Edmond’s Visit Edmond agency put out a graphic yesterday that mentioned Downtown Edmond’s streeteries, and their graphic is delightful. However, for those who are new to Edmond, the area of 5th Street between Broadway and Boulevard is also considered Downtown Edmond and that section also has participating streetery restaurants. And, in line with why I started EdmondActive, I would hate to leave anyone out, and thus comes this list that will always be changing, so check back often!

If you know of or own a restaurant/bakery/coffee shop/bar with patio seating, reach out to me at @EdmondActive and I will get you added immediately!

Edmond Streeteries

  • Cafe 501 at 5th Street and Boulevard
  • The Mule next to Citizen’s Bank of Edmond’s RISE Incubator
  • Plant on 1st Street west of Broadway
  • Cafe Evoke on Broadway sw of 1st Street
  • Othello’s and Around the Corner on Broadway
  • Frenzy Brewing on Broadway
  • Nashbird on 5th Street and Littler

Edmond Patio’s and Patio Seating

  • West Side Patios

    • Slim Chickens
    • Real Cafe
    • S&B Burgers on Danforth
    • Big O’s BBQ on Santa Fe
    • Hidalgo’s on Santa Fe
    • Los Arco’s
    • Starbucks on Kelly & Danforth
  • Central Edmond Patios

    • Interurban on Danforth & Bryant
    • Bistro 22 on on Danforth & Bryant
    • Torchy’s Taco’s 2nd & Bryant
    • Fuzzy’s Tacos 15th & Bryant
    • Ellis Island on Bryant south of 33rd Street
    • Campfire Pizza on Bryant south of 33rd Street
  • Downtown Edmond Patios

    • Fait Maison on 5th Street
    • Cafe 501 in addition to their streetery on 5th Street
    • Nashbird on 5th Street
    • Sunnyside Diner on 2nd Street & Broadway
    • The Railyard that allows outdoor seating and food hall seating west of Broadway on 1st Street
    • Railyard Pie Co. on the north side of the Railyard building
    • The Mule in addition to their streetery next to Citizen’s Bank of Edmond’s RISE Incubator
    • Ellis Island at Campbell and Broadway
    • Cafe Evoke on Broadway
    • 3 Tequila’s on 3rd Street & Broadway
    • Starbucks on Broadway & 15th Street
  • East and North East Side Patios

    • Eddies Bar & Grill at 2828 E. 2nd Street
    • Starbucks at Covell & Exchange west of I35
    • Pub W on 2nd Street just west of Coltrane
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