Around Edmond: Spring forward this weekend. Chamber ribbon cuttings. A vote for small business. Emory Anne Interiors brings Easter warmth!

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Hi everyone! Spring. Is. Here. (Not officially till March 19, but Daylight Savings Time Saturday Night, March 8, 2020 is close enough for me!).

Sunset at 1884 at the Edmond Railyard in Downtown Edmond on 1st Street just west of Broadway on Saturday February 29, 2020 was spectacular to enjoy on the patio in 70 degree weather!

I am in final production of the next issue of EdmondActive Magazine, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be shooting photos with actual sun and light involved. This winter seemed to last an eternity although not as cold and dreary as it could have been or has been in the past.

It appears that with Coronavirus on all of our minds, some of us here in Edmond got a little closer than was comfortable, with Pastor Craig of LifeChurch finding himself and one of his pastors self quarantining after having contact with a conference leader who tested positive in Germany a couple of weeks ago. I am thrilled he feels great and is not seeing symtoms, as this virus doesn’t seem one anyone wants anything to do with. Hoping for a negative test result for him at the end of his self quarantine.

Speaking of which, Congresswoman Kendra Horn is having a health care town hall on the Coronavirus at the Oklahoma Department of Health in two days, Saturday March 7, 2020. Here’s more information if you’d like to go and hear about how this is being handled:

On Saturday at 10:00AM CT, Congresswoman Kendra Horn will host a Health Care Town Hall at the Oklahoma City-County Health Department. The event will feature experts including the Executive Director of the Oklahoma City-County Health Department Dr. Patrick McGough. More information about the Health Care Town Hall is available here. This will be the first of multiple events in Oklahoma to share information on the developing public health situation.

Edmond Chamber Recent Ribbon Cuttings

Recently, the Edmond Chamber celebrated two local businesses with ribbon cuttings!

Next Trip LLC celebrating their new membership with the Edmond Chamber of Commerce!

Congratulations to Next Trip, LLC. for becoming one of our newest Chamber members! If you’re looking to make some summer travel plans, Next Trip helps make traveling a breeze while ensuring that your travel stays affordable on any budget. Next Trip is a full-service travel concierge that plans everything from planes to breakfast recommendations. Reach out to plan your next road trip, family reunion, honeymoon, or your dream vacation!

For 45 years, Neese Personnel Agency has helped businesses of all sizes find the right match for temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire positions for businesses of all sizes.

They perform extensive evaluations of placement candidates through a series of interviews, assessments, coaching, skills tests, and reference checks, ensuring only top qualified professionals are sourced to your workplace.

Check them out at


Beware of a 4 stop sign situation at 2nd & Bryant for a week or so, this scenario has the makings of a traffic nightmare.

Did you vote to allow locally owned wine shops to have the option or not to be open Sunday’s on Super Tuesday?! There were so many voters I had to park in the grass at my local polling place! Over 129,000 people voted to allow locally owned wine & spirit store owner’s the opportunity to be open and sell on Sunday’s like Walmart’s and convenience stores.

I voted yes, and was more than thrilled to have done so with the legislature and senate leaving this unfair advantage ongoing for too long, since allowing full strength and cold beer and wine sales at big box and convenience stores in October 2018.

Lame isn’t a strong enough word for this ridiculous matter that could have been allowed with the passing of the original bill at the time, in that it caused so many family owned businesses to go out of business, but for many, to the loss of almost 30% revenue of some more established wine and spirit stores, without being allowed to sell on Sundays like their corporate competitors.

It was unconscionable to have let this go for this long, for certain, so a yes vote for me reminded me that I will be voting for a new state senator in the next election, that has the growth of and best interests of local business owners and their income in mind instead of choosing to sell out to corporate lobbyists. I am so glad so many decided fair was fair, too.

SHOPEDMOND at Emory Anne Interiors for darling Easter ideas for your table and gift giving!

Anne McCarthy, owner of Emory Anne Interiors and Botanical Bar at 150th just east of Santa Fe, has been busy at markets all winter to prepare for the spring holidays and summertime! She is bringing the heat with some amazing new mod furniture, but darling selections for casual Easter tablescapes and cute ideas for basket giving to your older daughters, sisters, wives, girlfriends or whomever may enjoy a little treat this Spring.

Don’t forget to check out the newest events uploaded to the Events Calendar here, and have a fantastic Thursday!

See all of you in and around Edmond!


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