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Hi everyone! Hope you had a great week. The week started off with the ground breaking of The Silo’s Apartment and Parking complex in Downtown Edmond on Monday. This complex will have 276 units, and it appears that the developer has brought it’s rent down a bit, according to the Journal Record’s account, from $1,000 to $2,000.

It just still seems off to charge $1,000 for approximately 600 sq ft, in light of anyone needing a space that small, and what their actual rental budget is. I surely understand capitalism, but also, I understand what the market will bear.

Hopefully that will budge a little more, and the apartments will fill to capacity, full of new couples, young families and more looking to live in the heart of Downtown Edmond, across the street from Farmer’s Grain, between Main and Hurd, and just south of the railroad tracks from the Edmond Railyard.

Monday March 28, 2022, Milhaus, a national award-winning developer, owner and operator of Class-A multifamily properties, has broken ground on their second Oklahoma multifamily development in Edmond just north of Oklahoma City. The apartment complex will be the first fully-amenitized, truly walkable multifamily development in downtown Edmond and will immediately increase the patronage that is so vital to the adjacent retail tenants.

The $68 million Edmond development will house 276 units, including studio, one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments. The pet-friendly community will feature top-tier amenities, including a resident lounge with a coffee + tea bar, pool with aqua lounge, bark park, fitness center and yoga studio. Residents will be able to step outside and enjoy courtyards and an entertainment deck with grills, fire pits and a communal kitchen.

City Council continues to be at odds with “We the People”

I watched this weeks Edmond City Council meeting, thrilled they are getting through so many projects and got to the community comments section. It appears the We The People group here in Edmond is very angry at the Council, for reasons only known to them and the Council members they had emailed about some “demands” on our City leaders.

After the leader of the group spoke for 3 minutes then another stood up complaining that City Council meetings are inconveniently held simultaneously with EPS school board meetings, I had had enough. This is the group that has been attacking our school board, and is trying their best to impose book banning in our school district, for books that are on high school reading lists that have “opt out” capability. It was entirely unnecessary for the level of vitriol brought that this entirely innocuous meeting warranted.

Ya’ll. Let it go. Take over the City Council by elections not angry outbursts about masks, vaccinations, outcomes of national elections, fear of losing your guns, racism, book banning, parents overtaking school boards or whatever else it is your group feels slighted over, if that is the road you are moving toward. And, if a City Council member gives you an answer you don’t like or not at all, there is your answer – not threatening intimidation. Not a good example of how wonderful the Edmond community really is.

Enjoy your weekend entirely! Don’t forget to try the Lemon Ricotta Pancake recipe I shared today, they are so good! 

Vibes preparing to kick off 2nd Season Thursday April 7 in Downtown Edmond

Next event up is next Thursday April 7 with Vibes returning to Downtown Edmond for its second season!!! You can stop and stay awhile in Downtown Edmond from 5-9 pm, visit the shops and restaurants and check out some of the local artists from our area. It should be so fun!

Take care of each other,