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Hi there! What a fast moving week it’s been. I am in production of the June issue and waiting on the new issue to arrive, hopefully this morning. I have to say that this month, I’ve loved watching Dusty Gilpin and company sketch out and hand paint the new Welcome to Edmond mural on west 1st Street, it really is amazing to see the detail and care put into it, especially the call out to McCall’s, which the photo was projected on the wall then hand detailed. I am always in awe of visual artists talents. Take a drive to see it, it’s worth your time.

Speaking of visual artists, be sure to stop in to Downtown Edmond this Thursday evening to check out the 2nd round of Vibes between 5-9 pm. There will be visual artists and musicians up and down Broadway, at participating businesses. It’s going to just be beautiful outside so make it a date night at any one of the patios and streateries.

On May 3, 2021, I took this oath of office and swore to faithfully discharge my duties as Mayor of Edmond. Thank you voters for giving me this opportunity. “Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” – James Baldwin Photo taken by Eriech Tapia

Since last summer, a hand full of angry residents vowed to vote out Mayor Oneill whom they blamed mask wearing and Covid restrictions on, and that they did but only after the previous Mayor decided not to run again, with Mayor Darrell Davis being sworn in as our next Mayor.

Mayor Davis makes history as Edmond’s first black mayor. His reputation for good governance while serving in City Council proceeds him, and the fact that Mayor Davis has vast municipal and governmental experience that spans over 25 years, and his conservative approach to governing, his

Attorney Christin Mugg being sworn in Photo: Eriech Tapia

proven common sense approach to sensitive matters and his love for our city will give him the very best start at achieving the City’s two, five and ten years plans. I’m excited to see how he moves the city forward after the last years events due to Covid.

Also sworn in are two City Council newcomer’s Christin Mugg, founder and attorney of Mugg Winston Law Firm,

Stacie Peterson being sworn in Photo: Eriech Tapia

and developer Stacie Peterson.

I have gotten the chance to speak to Christin Mugg and am confident she has a level head, and is willing to work hard to achieve success in moving our city forward. I wish both of these ladies the best of luck on the Council!


Be sure to remember your Mom this Sunday, with brunch at any one of our amazing restaurants, or a gift of flowers, jewelry or more from Emory Anne Interiors or Botanical Bar inside Emory Anne’s, on 150th Street just east of Santa Fe. They are open the rest of the week 10-5 pm!