Around Edmond: Health Nut Cafe celebrates Edmond Chamber Ribbon Cutting. Heard On Hurd grows vendor list. Shop Edmond at Emory Anne Interiors, Cultured Clothes, BC Spalon and The Body Barre.

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Hi everyone! Welcome back to Around Edmond and if you’re new, welcome! Coming into the end of my 12th year writing this blog, my husband took me on my very first personal vacation for my birthday, thanks to my late step father in law.

We drove to west Florida, to the very southern most tip of St. Pete’s beach at Pass a Grill Beach, to arrive at a locally owned Inn, where we stayed in a single story cottage. Well. It was an amazing excursion through the South, but the destination was absolutely worth the two 20 hour drives, especially in that the cottage we were staying at was only 12 seconds from the beach and 84 degree ocean. I loved every minute.

We were able to get to know the neighbors and local business owners, which is always insightful in my job. When their island is so narrow you can see Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico while standing in the middle of any street, you can only imagine the economic damage that occurred from the last 16 months.

Their stories were harrowing, but also so sweet to hear how much they helped each other and cared to come together as a community not leaving anyone out at all. THIS. This is what creates true community. Nothing to do with who is “winning” or appearing to. It was something I needed to see, hear and experience.

Downtown St. Petersburg was just outstanding, and just beginning to open up open air dining. It was walkable, well planned, inclusive, and so vibrant and colorful. It was tiny in proximity between businesses, but the sidewalks and public spaces were very spacious, giving the area an overall positive feeling.

When those of you who quarantined wonder how it is going in the rest of the South, I have to say that almost all of the south east of Texas is still closed for indoor dining, they are all still wearing masks and social distancing, regardless of their politician’s stances. It was pretty shocking to see, with Oklahoma having been open since May of 2020. And bless Georgia’s heart. Their freeways are like bumper car tracks. They all are in need of driver’s ed re education!


I love the Edmond Chamber and was so happy to see they had a ribbon cutting for the Health Nut Cafe located just north of Danforth on Santa Fe. If you haven’t experienced this restaurant in OKC, do yourself a favor and stop by to dine or drive through or order online for pickup at

Edmond Chamber celebrates the recent opening of the Health Nut Cafe on Santa Fe just northwest of Danforth Rd.


Yo Bro OKC posted their works of art on the semi permanent blockades in front of streateries in Downtown Edmond! This mural initiative really adds to the Downtown experience!

Thursday evening, be sure to stop by Downtown Edmond for the Edmond Fine Art’s Institute’s VIBES art experience, which highlights artists and performers from 5-9 pm!

Also, mark your calendar for Saturday June 19 from 6-10 pm for the return of and start of the 8th season of Heard on Hurd, in Downtown Edmond, between 2nd Street and Hurd! There will be over 25 food trucks, retail and business vendors, as well as musical performances from The Imaginaries, Jacobi Ryan and Bedtime!

Also, you can view shorts and documentaries inside of Vault 405 thanks to Simply Indie Film Fest with a number of filmmakers sharing their films, including Bunee Tomlinson who is showing New Mexico Rain!

For more information about the event, follow at


Anne McCarthy has been receiving all sorts of new items in store at Emory Anne Interiors for this summer and fall, and if you are new to Edmond, be sure to visit her showroom on 150th just se of Santa Fe to see new arrivals of furniture, accessories, and gifts and don’t forget this amazing boutique offers in house and on site design as well as a bridal registry. Hours are Monday through Friday 10-6 pm and Saturday’s 10-5 pm.


Cultured Clothes on Exchange and Covell in NE Edmond has some amazing new summer items in stock! Open Monday through Friday 10-6:30 pm and Saturdays 10-5 pm!


Amy Foster Jewelry is now stocking a new space at Beauty Co-Op Holistic Spalon located on 15th Street west of Kelly Rd.


The Body Barre has just joined Heard on Hurd as a retail vendor selling gear and more at the June 19 Downtown Edmond event! Also, The Body Barre is holding a workout event this Saturday at the Edmond Railyard! Check their Facebook page here for more information and to register!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to stop by next Wednesday for an all new Around Edmond!



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