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Hi everyone,

Welcome back to Around Edmond! Last week’s Smash Mouth concert that was presented by Citizen’s Bank of Edmond at Tower Theater was fantastic. It’s a very intimate space, has a really positive atmosphere and really friendly staff. It was fun to see about 4 generations of people at this show.

If you see a performer playing at Tower Theater on 23rd Street in OKC you are interested in, I would definitely recommend seeing a show at this venue. And, if you’re here in Edmond, you can stop by the lobby at Citizen’s Bank of Edmond at 1st & Broadway and purchase your tickets directly.

Edmond Shines is now taking video audition entries! This talent show is more than just that, but a great opportunity to support Edmond Family Counseling mental health services offered to our community – to enter your video audition, visit Edmondshines.edmondfamily.org

This Thursday is another cool event, Edmond Dancing with the Stars presented by the Edmond Chamber of Commerce. I am excited to attend and can’t wait to see the local celebrities show off all of their hard work!

This week was a long one full of epiphanies for a lot of people, it seems. I realized much and that a great hair stylist who actually cares about their craft past the hair cut is an immeasurable joy. I’ve been here 12 years and received probably the best haircut I’ve ever had at Premier Beauty Bar, now located at 15th & Bryant next to Lucca and owned by Laura Hickenboth. I highly recommend this salon to everyone with its clean lines, smooth flow and amazingly nice staff. Sometimes a physical transformation means finding your soul and that, from what I’m finding, is simply everything.

UBohemia just opened right next door to Emory Anne Interiors at 150th & Santa Fe. It’s a new clothing boutique with clothing for women of all sizes with a funky bohemian flare. Be sure to stop by, it has to be amazing as it’s brought to you by the owner’s of Pinkitzel! Congrats to them on their opening, and be sure to visit them at Facebook and Instagram!

Well, that’s it for today, I’m in final production of the next issue of EdmondActive, so if you’d like to see what our advertisers have going on this Labor Day, be sure to visit and follow along at Instagram!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope all of you have an amazing weekend, see you back here Monday!