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Hi there! What a week, right? So much information regarding Covid right now, and due to just developing guidance, everyone is in an uproar.

I liken the handling of a once in a century pandemic to raising kids without extended family or without help from friends on the internet. It’s a crapshoot, and you can only do what you believe is the best for you and yours, and as one of my favorite people says, govern yourself accordingly. I personally will be pulling my masks out, and expect those who don’t believe the tools efficiency at keeping the spread from being as harsh to not do so.

One thing is true this time, however. We have all experienced one side or the other trying to force their views on each other in how they are expected to govern themselves. Reiteration of beliefs isn’t necessary, nor is belittling anyone whom you believe “isn’t doing it right”. Vaccinations are a whole other conversation. It is a proven fact that those who are vaccinated are not dying of this weirdly evolving virus. That is one key fact that isn’t changing. Vaccinated and unvaccinated people can spread it and apparently, as of today, the CDC states it is as contagious as chicken pox. Although this factoid would have been nice to know about this new variant a little sooner, now that we all know this in some sort of familiar terms, the CDC is now urging people and business to keep on with your daily doings, but wear a mask and wash your hands to keep the spread down and get vaccinated, to prevent death or a visit to the ICU.

The Oklahoman reported this week that over 100 anti vax health care workers gathered in our town at the Fairview Baptist Church pissed about their healthcare employers decisions (based on science) to require every worker to be vaccinated. This can’t be made up, is ridiculous and I can tell you right now, I wouldn’t visit a health care facility without knowing whether their employees could die if I passed the virus on to them. With the hoards of medical personnel leaving the healthcare industry after what happened over the last 16 months, the employer’s have the right to fire anyone for not complying with public health requirements set by their organizations to be vaccinated to keep their employment, that I can only imagine would shore up their liability should an unvaccinated worker (dr., nurse, employee) end up passing in ICU because they personally chose not to protect themselves from death (not from actually contracting the virus) by getting the vaccine. And to do so to protect the kids under 12, one would think this is a no brainer and you would think would be a cause for everyone to get the vaccine, but alas, not for anti vaxxing groups of citizen’s to which some are health care professionals.

This week I sent off the new issue of EdmondActive Magazine, to our new printer (I have worked with three now since March 2020, with only one of the three still being in business), which covers much awaited events in our area such as the June and July Heard on Hurd, LibertyFest and the OKC Mile, not often held at Remington Park. It was amazing to get out with community prior to the surge in the Delta variant without a mask, but I am not going to be isolating any further this year and will be attending the remaining events in Downtown Edmond, after having washed my hands, while wearing a cute mask, and keeping a little distance from what I had done while numbers were low earlier this summer. I hope you all will too, because this may be our new normal until variants stop mutating. You can pick up the next issue at many locations throughout Edmond, and I thank you in advance for doing so! If you aren’t able to get out to pick a copy up, take a look at the digital issue here or by clicking on the cover!

As I told you in May, I am slowly rolling out new feature sections after 12 years and Happy Hour is one of them, to highlight Edmond’s new burgeoning restaurant and bar scene that offer up patios and streeteries! You can visit the list here, and if you have any additions to this list please contact me and I will get the list updated!

While most of you are prepping for the start of what I can imagine is a confusing start to the new school year, or still on vacation out of state, I will be out and about over the next few weeks to bring new finds in Shop Edmond! Many of you have dm’ed me and told me that you like the way I used to do it, and that you’d like more information about all of the shopping deals in Edmond, rather than just from the independent boutiques in town! I will continue to first feature my retail advertisers first and foremost, but am happy to really get out and get the information you’re most interested in.

525 Realty Group has been on fire like all real estate firms this year, with listings off the market almost as soon as the ink on the contracts for sale are dry. Each week we will be highlighting a new listing from this popular locally owned real estate brokerage! Here is a new listing as of today:

That’s it for today, enjoy your weekend, and be sure to check in Tuesday for another look at what’s happening around Edmond!