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During its June 10 meeting, City Council approved the final set of agreements with the French Family Charitable Foundation for the maintenance and operation of the proposed art park at the corner of 2nd Street and Coltrane Road.

City Council voted to approve an agreement that includes funding for 70 percent of the maintenance and operation budget of the proposed park, with a maximum contribution of $899,360 the first year. The agreement also means:

  • The City is responsible for major repairs, upgrades, or overhaul to the Huntwick Detention Pond necessary or required after completion of the park.
  • The City will administer the payments to the designated facility manager, Sculpture Park Operations, LLC, and provide oversight regarding invoices, records, and prior approval for purchases that cost more than $100,000.
  • The City will provide water, sanitary sewer, sanitation and electric service to the park at no cost after the facility is completed – an estimated annual utilities cost of $400,000 to $500,000.

During its May 28 meeting, Council approved a series of agreements with the French Family Charitable Foundation that will provide a forgivable loan of $10 million to help fund construction of park infrastructure improvements. The City agreed to waive plan review, permitting and inspection fees for the project.

The City also agreed to fund public infrastructure work that may include the construction of storm sewer, sanitary sewer, water distribution, street improvements, public parking, and construction of public trails to facilitate the construction of the park.

As well, the city has committed to reimburse the French Family Charitable Foundation and the Fine Arts Institute (FAI) for construction sales tax paid in the construction of the park and private FAI facility. Additionally, the City committed to drainage improvements, valued at $500,000, at the adjacent Huntwick Detention basin that will assist with stormwater control for the park and committed to fund, at a future date, Coltrane Road improvements estimated at $3 million.

To fund the forgivable loan, the City will use funds from Edmond Electric, Solid Waste Reserves, Field Service Reserves, Capital Improvement Plan tax revenues and revenues from the interest accrued in the Hospital Sale Trust fund.

The City will also provide pieces from its public art collection for display in the park. It already committed $180,000 toward the purchase of a piece installed at the corner of the park location. “Valley of the Horse” – a life-sized bronze sculpture of six horses by renowned artist Paul Moore – was installed Jan. 5 at the northwest corner of 2nd Street and Coltrane Road. The statue is part of the 310 pieces in the City’s collection.

Under the set of agreements, the French Family Charitable Foundation will develop the 62-acre park to provide a place to exhibit public art and will include sculptures and future installations as well as park amenities such as playgrounds, dog parks, event lawns, restrooms, and other facilities. When complete, would transfer ownership to the Park Conservancy Trust. The park, upon the start of construction, is required to be completed within 24 months. City approves maintenance and operations agreement for art park