Around Edmond: OK Supreme Court strikes the OSDE’s attempt at book bans in Edmond Public Schools, leaving book selections to local districts to determine. Edmond Wins Three Tourism Awards. LibertyFest 5K Run now hosted by The Edmond Veteran’s Memorial. Edmond & OKC Events this Friday and Saturday!

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Hi everyone, hoping you are having a great week so far. It’s heating up and that means more time outside at lakes, backyard parties, and outdoor events! See the cover photos of this blog for events happening Friday and Saturday 6/14 and 6/15 in Edmond and OKC. This is a great weekend to get out and enjoy celebrations of our communities!

No Book Bans, reviews of books and more will be allowed by OSDE in Edmond or other School Districts, taking threats of accreditation removal off the table in unanimous vote by the Oklahoma Supreme Court

Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of Edmond Public Schools with regard to the State of Oklahoma Department of Education attempts at banning books. Here is a summary of the decision, and link for the full opinion is here.

The case involves the Edmond Public Schools (the Petitioner) and the State of Oklahoma, the State Board of Education, and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction (the Respondents). The Petitioner filed an application for the Supreme Court to prevent the enforcement of rules by the Respondents. These rules were to be used in enforcement proceedings against the school district before the State Board. The Petitioner argued that the State Board lacked the authority to supervise, examine, and control a local school board’s discretion in supplying books for a school library that meet local community standards.

The State Board of Education had publicized proposed rules for school library media programs, which included prohibitions on pornographic and sexualized content for books and other media. The Board adopted these rules, citing the Oklahoma Constitution and state statutes as their authority. However, the Oklahoma Attorney General issued an opinion stating that the proposed rules were not based on a specific grant of legislative authority, which was necessary for the Board to create these rules. The Legislature passed a resolution that did not expressly approve or disapprove the State Board’s new rules. The Governor later issued a Declaration stating that the proposed rules for the State Department of Education were not subject to the joint resolution and approved these proposed rules as permanent rules for the State Department of Education.

The Supreme Court of the State of Oklahoma assumed original jurisdiction, in part, over the controversy. The court held that state statutes give a local school board power and a type of statutory discretion to supply books for a school library that meet local community standards. The court also held that no statute gives the State Board of Education, State Department of Education, and Superintendent of Public Instruction the authority to supervise, examine, and control a local school board’s exercise of this discretion when the local school board applies local community standards for books it supplies for a local school library. The court issued a writ of prohibition to prevent additional enforcement proceedings against the school district based on the respondents’ objection to the presence of certain books in the local school library. The court denied the petitioner’s request for declaratory and injunctive relief. By Oklahoma Statute, local school districts are the entities who have power over what books are allowed into their schools libraries. Read for full opinion:

Edmond earns 3 Redbud Tourism Awards this week!

Visit Edmond and three local tourism partners won awards at the Oklahoma Travel Industry Association’s annual RedBud Awards, sponsored by Edmond Electric on June 11, 2024. The state-wide RedBud Awards Ceremony recognizes Oklahoma tourism attractions and destination marketing organizations for their outstanding efforts to serve and promote Oklahoma’s tourism industry. Shelley Zumwalt, Executive Director of Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department and James Leewright, CEO of Oklahoma Travel Industry Association emceed the event at the Edmond Conference Center and gave 37 awards in 17 categories.

Edmond Farmer’s Market won a RedBud award for Outstanding Agritourism Attraction. This award recognizes an attraction that features entertainment and a strong marketing and public relations effort that contributes to the overall tourism industry.

Edmond Arts Festival won a Merit Award to Outstanding Event. This award recognizes a festival that presents a creative and unique activity and utilizes effective marketing and public relations to attract tourists.

KickingBird Golf won a Merit Award for Outstanding Attraction. This award recognizes an attraction that has made marked improvements in the facility, has a strong educational value and features marketing and public relations that contributes to the overall tourism industry.

Edmond supporters from the Tourism Advisory Board, Edmond Conference Center, Downtown Edmond Business Association, City of Edmond, Edmond Parks and Recreation and Mayor Darrell Davis accepted the awards. Jennifer Thornton, Edmond Tourism Director was also elected as President of the Oklahoma Travel Industry Association and said, “The RedBud Awards highlight the best in Oklahoma Tourism and we are so proud of our community!”

LibertyFest 5K Run is continuing on this year hosted by the Edmond Veteran’s Memorial at Mitch Park! Meant for all ages and pet friendly for well behaved pups, this June 30th event will be one to attend! Here’s more information on the event:

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