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Hi everyone! This summer was a weird time with national politics seeming to run off the rails and I noticed everyone on social media were taking more than just one vacation this summer – I decided to semi unplug and although I couldn’t leave the metro, I milled around the area and online to see what’s new elsewhere. This proved to be a great idea, refreshed my creative side and I now have a million new ideas for EdmondActive!

It’s been a month since our last print magazine, and I have two issues I am in production of currently. Anyone who works on a creative level knows sometimes wanting to wait until a project feels right doesn’t wait for a deadline, so I am in final production now of my August issue. I want to change up what I’ve created in print over the last 9 years, but this won’t be the issue that will be happening.

I am ready to start here at the site with the additions I have been planning since March, starting with our Events Calendar. Check out the packed schedule this fall with new music venues popping up like The Jones Assembly and Tower Theater! Better than Ezra was awesome and well attended at Jones, and with Smash Mouth and Third Eye Blind coming the 90’s are in full swing in OKC! And, if you are wanting tickets to any of the Tower Theater concerts, you can now stop by the lobby at 1st & Broadway at Citizen’s Bank of Edmond to purchase! I love this collaboration completely!

For a lot of you, you’re in a mad rush to get your kids school ready. The sales this year are pretty deep due to the Amazon effect going on currently. This has been coming for a few years but now appears to not only be affecting small businesses, but also our malls. I am all for online shopping but certainly don’t want Amazon to be the only outlet. Be sure to make at least one purchase a month at your favorite local merchant or check out services owned independently rather than corporately owned, remember everyone and thing is connected!

Stop by Friday as I’ll be featuring what’s new around Edmond, and as always, follow us at Instagram, Facebook and Twitter daily for shopping deals, services and new businesses popping up all over town!

If you’re interested in advertising for the upcoming holiday season, call me (Sherri) at 315-7325 and I would be happy to share with you our rates, and services offered! I have limited spaces available this year!

Take care, thanks for the grace in allowing me a hiatus after 9 seasons, and share anything you’d like to see featured!


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