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EDMOND, Okla. [August 19, 2021]— Join us at the Edmond Fine Arts Institute, 27 East Edwards, on Thursday, September 2nd from 5pm to 8pm for an immersive gallery experience featuring artist Joshua “Dead Feather” Garrett’s. The opening entitled “Puyafeckv” (Spirit) includes Garrett’s two short films “Sunecke” (Journey) and “Porretv” (To Witch), a fashion show coupled with a poetry reading, and a Q & A session.

Garrett is a local Edmond resident and artist that uses a various mediums of art to tackle the subject of assimilation and the civilization process concerning the North American Indians, particularly the Mvskoke-Creek. His concepts apply elements of magic, spirituality and religion tying them to the sociopolitical arena of modern society and the historical desire for control over the masses and the environment.

Joshua “Dead Feather” Garrett is a native American who was born nearly deaf. He describes his background as “being born into the lower spectrum of the social class ladder” and says his work is a result of his experiences. “The treatment of the Native American in their own land is nothing new. From the arrival of Columbus to the beginning of the civilization process under Washington or the Battle of Wounded Knee to the recent treatment of Native Americans during the protests at Standing Rock, the concerning issue of assimilation for me begins with my grandfather and has played a major role in shaping the style and content of my work.” states Garrett.

This gallery opening is in conjunction with VIBES Edmond’s First Thursday taking place throughout Downtown Edmond on September 2, 2021. The Edmond Fine Arts Gallery open daily for public viewing Monday – Friday or by appointment with support from presenting sponsor, Price Mortgage Group, LLC. and special September sponsor, Prosperity Bank. Monthly gallery exhibits are a program of the Edmond Fine Arts Institute, Edmond’s nonprofit community arts organization providing visual and performing art classes for children and adults year-round and the Art in Schools Program for 3rd and 4th grade students in Edmond Public School.