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Ms. Castilla continues to represent the Federal Reserves Kansas City District

Citizen’s Bank of Edmond is proud to announce the reappointment of president and chief executive officer, Jill Castilla, as the Kansas City Fed’s representative to the Federal Advisory Council for 2023.

The past year Ms. Castilla traveled quarterly to Washington, DC where she met with and advised the Federal Reserve’s Board of Governors on economic and banking matters and provided recommendations on several areas under the Board’s jurisdiction. Ms. Castilla was able to present on topics including labor markets, the FedNow instant payment service and inflation.

The Federal Advisory Council is established by the Federal Reserve Act and includes one representative from each of the Federal Reserve’s 12 Districts.

“I started my banking career at the Kansas City Federal Reserve nearly 25 years ago and this past year has been an incredible mark in my career,” said Castilla. “It is an honor to represent this district and work alongside the Board of Governors and fellow advisors on this council.”

 About Citizens Bank of Edmond

Citizens Bank of Edmond continues to operate on the same downtown Edmond intersection where it was founded in April 1901. The independent $350-million-asset institution is a leader in community banking, providing commercial and consumer financial services with a focus on building the community using innovative techniques. For more information, visit www.citizensedmond.com.