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Easter weekend, Pet Angels Animal Rescue in Guthrie held an open house
to invite the public to come and see the beautiful new facility and consider
some beautiful animals for adoption.

In conjunction with the open house, Farmhouse Fresh Rep Brenda Roderick
was in attendance to donate beds from the EmoryAnne Interiors sales of the
Farmhouse Fresh books sold at the Edmond boutique. The founder of
the Farmhouse Fresh brand not only produces certified organic spa products,
but is a huge proponent of animal rescue, as her 5-acre ranch in Texas is designed
as an animal sanctuary.

I attended the open house at Pet Angels Rescue at the invitation of Anne
McCarthy, owner of local Edmond boutique EmoryAnne Interiors, who
sold enough of the Dog Bed Fairy Books to donate over 20 beds to Pet
Angels Rescue. The book sales program donates $7 of each $10 book to dog
bed donations provided to the recipient of the boutique’s choice. Here is my
interview with Tiffany Smith of Pet Angels Rescue, located at 10374 S.
Coltrane Boulevard, in Guthrie:

EA: Tiffany, when did you start Pet Angels Rescue?

Tiffany Smith: I’ve volunteered for the last 5 years. However, Dana
Huckabee, who started Pet Angels, has been rescuing animals for the last 15
years, starting at a rental house in South OKC, or since 1999, after people were
dropping their animals off at the pet store she worked at. She asked the pet
store owner if she could rent the space next door to house the animals and he
agreed, stating animals always paid the best rent.

EA: Who operates the facility here in Guthrie?

Tiffany Smith: We have two full time staff, I write the grants, and my daughter
helps do all of our social media. When my daughter got a house while attending
OU, she wanted a Husky. When we went online to search for rescues, Pet Angels
came up. We get a lot of northern breeds here, because they have to have space to
run. They were born to work and they dig, climb, you name it. Dana knows how
to contain this breed by putting chicken wire under the ground so they can’t dig
out, and then we use a hotwire, which is just a pulse of energy, not electrocution,
at the top of the containment units.

EA: How many animals are you able to have at a time?

Tiffany Smith: We can house 175 animals at a time but usually have about
80 or so at a time, and we only pull from rural shelters. In 2016, Dana pulled dogs
from 26 rural shelters.

EA: Do you accept donations from the general public?

Tiffany Smith: That is the only outlet for income we have, we have
no government funding and we are not animal control. We take owner
surrenders, but primarily pull from rural shelters.

EA: Do you have a foster network?

Tiffany Smith: Yes! We don’t have employees, and with the building, we
thought we really needed to get our act together. We’ve had to write policies on
intake, cleanliness, etc. We work with the OSU Veterinary Students for spaying
and neutering, too. All dogs who leave our facility are co owned for life. So, if
you aren’t able to keep a dog from our facility, you have to sign an agreement
to bring the dog back to us and we will take them, no questions asked.

For more information about Farmfresh Spa Products or to purchase the book
“Dog Bed Fairy”, visit EmoryAnne Interiors at 150th & Santa Fe.

For more information about Pet Angels Rescue, visit online at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at PetAngelsRescue, or their website at Petangelsrescue.org. They rescue all
breeds of dogs, cats, horses, small pets and birds.