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Heard on Hurd is a dog friendly event happening every 3rd Saturday from March to October!

Normally July bears the worst heat we see during mid summer, and this year Mother Nature was not letting up. You wouldn’t have known it though, due to extremely high attendance at this July’s Heard on Hurd family and dog friendly event!

This month, Citizen’s Bank of Edmond hosted their 2nd Annual film festival inside of the new Vault 405 space. The event screened films from local short film producers inside of Vault 405, a new co working space powered by Citizen’s Bank of Edmond. Vault 405 is a diverse community of thinkers, doers and innovators from all verticals, offering each other encouragement, connections, and the power of combined resources.

“We can’t believe it has already been an entire year since we hosted our first annual Film Festival” said Heard on Hurd creator and CEO of Citizen’s Bank of Edmond, Jill Castilla.

“Inspired by deadCenter Film Festival and the local art scene continuously blowing us away with their talent, we believe there is no better way to support our local artists than to showcase their hard work and share it with our community at Heard on Hurd. The passion and entrepreneurship that these artists have perfectly exemplifies our purpose of creating Vault 405” said Castilla.

The event’s musical talent, food trucks and all new Trade Post vendor’s along with Superhero’s ready for photos with the community led to the year’s most fun event yet!

Be sure to attend the next event the third Saturday of August, and follow Heard on Hurd at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get the latest on upcoming events.