Edmond partnered with Lime Scooters to add 150 rental scooters to city streets


If you’ve driven around Edmond in the past week you might have noticed the scooters with bright green accents parked on various street corners and being piloted by adventurous commuters in the Downtown area.

These are Lime scooters, and they’re part of a fleet of 150 scooters that anyone over the age of 18 can ride, thanks to a partnership between Lime Electric Scooter Rentals and the city of Edmond.

According to a press release by the city, Lime scooters will grace our streets for one year, and the scooters are only allowed to be driven on the roadways, with an exception made for the UCO campus.

Drivers are strongly encouraged to share the road with the scooters, and scooter pilots are asked to wear a helmet.

You can find out how to rent a Lime by going to https://li.me/ or downloading the Lime app on iOS or Android devices.

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Trevor Hultner is an Oklahoma City writer.

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