Citizen’s Bank of Edmond Co Working Space Vault 405 Opens Up New Office Space


Vault 405, Downtown Edmond’s exciting new co-working space powered by Citizens Bank of Edmond, is set to launch additional office space.

Vault 405 was developed by Citizens Bank of Edmond as an innovative space where community and commerce meet. It was designed for thinkers, doers and entrepreneurs. A place for creative locals looking for a space to not only work, but to also forge connections with other businesses that will inspire their own growth.

“We are honored to present even more office space at Vault 405 to our business customers” said Jill Castilla, president and CEO of Citizens Bank of Edmond. “With the continued success of Vault 405, we are adding space to foster continued economic growth in our community by encouraging and facilitating the success of local entrepreneurs in Downtown Edmond.”

Vault 405’s expansion includes more offices and collaborative workspaces as well as the current Vault 405 amenities of complimentary printer access, mail service, coffee and tea.
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