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Hi everyone, I have no words for the upsetting news about another mass shooting coming this time from a Florida high school. I have to ask the question as to why we are allowing ourselves to become even remotely accepting, as a culture, of mass shootings, in accepting as a response from the “adults” in charge in these leaders only response being their sending out only thoughts and prayers. To those students who survived, and the survivors of those who didn’t, this is immensely condescending.

In response to requests for an actual reaction, the leaders all say they need more data to make a statement, and as the general public, the only thing we find ourselves doing is arguing about the topic on social media. It’s no wonder these Florida students had a rally Saturday literally calling “BS”.

These two responses are ludicrous and as adults, we all know it, and sadly, our kids know it too. Our culture wasn’t like this even as soon as 2005. So, I have to ask. What is causing the change in the culture of our kids or families?

We, as adults, including lawmakers and influencers of all sorts, should be completely stunned into silence as we all sat and watched the trauma caused by another broken person. I am appalled and stunned by some of the arguments I am seeing taking place. Forget yourself, forget your cause. What is causing this trend of broken people, and I am asking this question outside of the gun control issue.

What will it take for everyone to stop blaming each other and only requiring politicians to fix the problem? What will it take for politicians to be able to understand how to fix the social ills that are causing young men (and older men in the case of the Las Vegas shooting) to want to harm others in such traumatic fashion or at all? I believe this is a cultural issue, and that we may be all to blame in one way, shape or form, and we all need to participate in the solution instead of such vitriolic blaming of others. I believe this problem is now so out of hand, that politicians can’t fix the problem or come up with a solution on their own any longer. It cannot be acceptable for children to be afraid to go to school, especially if the law requires it.

I am watching and as a mother, am heartbroken. As an adult, I am embarrassed by the appearance of lack of concern by any and all politicians, who are just a few years younger or the same age as myself. I can’t imagine being forced by law to attend a school and be rightfully afraid for my life and then feeling as if adults don’t care. It’s unimaginable and unconscionable for the adults in power to do nothing.

What can be done? I don’t have that answer, but not listening to these kids is the wrong response, and that is what I hope will change. Let’s teach our kids about the system, the lobbyists and how their influence changes votes on important issues, and take them to meet their leaders and talk about these subjects. We are all connected, and certainly our leaders may have different thoughts on the subject if only they had contact with their younger constituents, and I believe this will help our youth to make smart choices when it’s their time to start voting.

I know the Edmond Police Department and EPS have already had a meeting and I am confident they are fully in tune with this subject, and I am grateful to live here and know how competent our city is. I am hoping to see more parents talk and not argue this issue out on Facebook, or getting involved or even better yet, teaching their kids to get involved in the law making process. After all, our kids are our future.

I’ll be back Tuesday with a regular Around Edmond blog, but I couldn’t move forward until I got this off my chest.

See you around Edmond,