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Hi all,

It’s been a minute since I posted. Holiday Open Houses have happened, kicking off the holiday season, and the Mayor’s Tree Lighting and Luminance Opening are yet to come. Don’t forget to take a look at the Events Calendar —-> to check out all of the new events just updated!

Edmond Community Thanksgiving Dinner

Do you know of anyone who might need a place to eat Thanksgiving Dinner this year, whether they are lonely or in need? Be sure to direct them to the UCO Nigh Center for the annual Thanksgiving Dinner, that is free of charge for the community. The times are from 11 am to 3 pm, and all are welcome.

Thankful For Everything Edmond

This week I am finishing up the November/December Issue and working on the January 2019 issue out mid December, and I am grateful to be back on track, editorially, and leading into my 10th year covering all things Edmond here at Around Edmond. I am more grateful than ever this year for all of you who read the print magazine, this column and any content we bring throughout the year, and who follow daily at Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and to all of EA’s advertisers who support EA. After a rough couple of year’s, it’s great to be back in the full swing of things again and I can’t wait to show you what’s new for 2019!

And yet, this is minor, as Vance Gregory just celebrated the 45th anniversary of Edmond Wine Shop, which is unheard of in retail, and spectacular to achieve. There is a reason for his success, and it is amazing customer service and the amazing people he has chosen to work alongside.

Small Business Saturday

Joe Hight, columnist for the Journal Record, and small business owner of Best of Books, wrote a great column today about loyalty and how it goes both ways between retailers and customers here.

The reason I originally started Around Edmond, in July 2009, was simply to point out which businesses were customer friendly and service oriented, and where you, as a consumer, could find the most unique products and services, and after I had experienced the opposite in three shops. I hadn’t and currently don’t announce who I am when I secret shop, and so I can accurately gauge the experience from a consumer’s standpoint. Yes. I am a consumer too, and as media that sells advertising, I found announcing who I am always garners an immediate negative response. Yay! :D.

Three shops I visited in early July 2009 ignored not only me but every customer that walked in their doors. They were high end boutiques, and this was at the onset of athleisure, so maybe that played into their response to all of our appearances then. When the other customers had started to leave the boutiques, there was no “Thank you for shopping with us” or anything, after deafening silence while the customers were browsing.

The most stunning response during these visits, was the visible offense portrayed by the owner’s and their staff that in fact none of the women had purchased anything. I couldn’t make this up, and might not have believed this unless I saw it with my own eyes. They had not realized their lack of courteous behavior toward the three women and myself were the cause of all of us potentially not returning as loyal customers.

These three boutiques are long gone. Without customer service that is authentic and courteous, you can carry all that is trendy in your boutique, but know this, the customers in and around Edmond will remain returning to businesses that made them feel appreciated, even for just stopping in, over big box stores or in combination of their shopping online and at big box stores. Myself included. No one likes to feel unappreciated.

Hopefully the everyday authentic customer service like that to which Edmond Wine Shop, Best of Books, Urban Argrarian, Emory Anne Interiors, Paper Arts, Arcadian Getaways, Serendipity Market, The Body Barre, Millie’s Table, 2 Doors Down, Allton’s Menswear, 525 Realty Group, Citizen’s Bank of Edmond, Evoke, All About Cha, Soulful Charm Boutique, Premier Beauty Bar, Botanical Bar, Oops I Arted, Fashion Boutique, Results Fitness, 31 Mugs, and so many more, offer every single day will continue to trend with younger and or new entrepreneurs. After all, how the local businesses make people feel relates to how people feel in general about the community, on a basic level. If our businesses offer more than we expect and always make us happy to have visited them, then, as consumers, we should support that every day, not only on Small Business Saturday.

There are so many stories I have to tell this next year of amazing and unique people and business owners, I just can’t wait.

And, as we all head out this weekend to shop for gifts, remember to be nice to whomever is helping you or checking you out. Working retail is an uphill challenge when the customers are grumpy or rude.

Thanks again to all of you, for reading, and following EA’s networks online!

Happy Thanksgiving and look for the November/December issue out late next week (taking longer due to printer being closed Thursday & Friday!).