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Hi everyone! Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and I’m loving the more understated ways people are planning to celebrate. Simple gestures of candy, pastries and flowers, as well as plants are highly popular this year. If you’re out and want to support local businesses, stop by to see what each of these independent businesses in Edmond has to offer, as this season turns all things romantic.

  • Ellis Island is a cozy retreat, established in 2016, now with 2 Edmond locations, offers live entertainment, pastries, charcuterie options, as well as beer, wine and all things coffee. It is an amazing space to simply slow things down and enjoy. You can find Ellis Island in Downtown Edmond on Broadway & Cambell & on Bryant just south of 33rd Street
  • If you are not looking for sweets but for a space to linger, try 1884 at The Railyard, west of Broadway on 1st Street in Downtown Edmond, for cocktails or time in the Cigar lounge.
  • Cafe 501 is always a go to for sipping, sweets and coffee, located at 5th Street and Boulevard
  • Cafe Evoke is also located in Downtown Edmond at 1st Street and is an amazing space to sip wine, beer, coffee and many treats, as you lounge in the newly designed space.
  • Dolci Paradiso is located at 5th Street & Littler in Downtown Edmond, and offers heavenly pastries, gelato to go & other sweets.
  • Cupcakes To Go Go is another local favorite, located on Bryant just south of 33rd Street next to Ellis Island.
  • For gifting, try Pinkitzel on 150th Street (next to Emory Anne’s) for cupcakes and candy for all ages
  • For further gifting, floral arrangements and plants, try Emory Anne Interiors and Botanical Bar inside of Emory Anne’s, located at 120 NE 150th Street, just sw of Santa Fe

If you have a spot in Edmond you’d like to add to this list, send me a message and I’ll update this post!

Have a great week ahead, stay healthy and stop by Tuesday to see what’s happening around Edmond.