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Hi everyone, I’m back! After catching Covid a second time on July 16th, I am upright, gaining back my energy, and ready to welcome some cooler fall air into the mix. I spent the last three weeks quietly watching all of the local and national happenings and determining my company’s purpose in starting up its 14th year.

All things change, and our print street zine is on pause to ride out the outrageous paper pricing, and so with having Covid and being forced to sit down and in one place, I chose to review my business’s purpose and relevancy to be able to make changes or understand if it was time to call it quits. Our networks have been consistently growing and with terrific engagement, even during the exodus many took from social media due to politics, which is slowly rising again.

Check in often for upcoming Downtown Edmond listings on the events calendar!

Thanks to all of you, I understand what you use EdmondActive for on social media, and here at the website, and I am excited to be offering a glimpse into what’s happening in Downtown Edmond this fall, as well.  Keep your eye out on our calendar for more upcoming events from Downtown Edmond and the rest of Edmond, as well, along with events happening in OKC!

Let’s Choose Dignity over Insulting Generalities

I also discovered political fighting is on the rise again and all the generalities that come with that. The extremism is what has caught most of my attention, and it is something that if not discussed, will only continue to grow.

All of us just really want to have dignity, be self-sufficient, not be told how to live, how to govern our physical selves, how to worship, etc., choosing to insist on the way that we govern ourselves and how we do so. When people don’t feel that respect from their leaders, extremism appears, using generalities to judge others in our community and online.

Some in the not in my backyard sphere noticed this happening this week, while most all of us have watched this happen in Edmond for the last two years. We The People were who were behind politicizing mask wearing and exploited the minority here who are against vaccinations has been harassing City Council for a while now regarding book banning they want implemented and now more police officers in every school, and the way they are addressing the Council with manifesto’s calling the City government a tyrannical empire and more, really needs to stop before someone gets hurt. Yes. It’s that bad. For background, We The People are the folks waving flags on street corners calling themselves patriots. This was ludicrous when it first started in 2020, because it inferred that the rest of Edmond’s 93,000 population were not patriotic, yet it set off the Edmond Patriot Party, with We The People now harassing Edmond Public School Board and the City Council members and the Mayor at weekly meetings.

We are all patriots. Remember the OKC Bombing? The entire country remembers this sad somber event. Mr. McVeigh was an extremist, no one listened to him, he made outrageous requests, and blew up our city’s Federal building. Rhetoric for clicks online, or for print readership has to stop locally and those who love it must realize this is not a tenable way to live in a still small city like Edmond, to which houses a diverse religious population and political population (heads up: Edmond is not just a majority of Christian Republicans.) We must choose to live amenably as citizens of Edmond working for the common good and reject generalities that divide. Surely, we have more in common than not.

This wasn’t meant to be a rant against either side of the current social argument, just a reminder that excluding people insisting on your own agenda only is not a great way to mend the torn social fabric caused by national level politics. We must try to find what we all have in common.

Citizen’s Bank of Edmond’s Heard on Hurd is back this Saturday from 6-10 pm

Citizens Bank of Edmond’s Heard on Hurd Plans Back to School Bash in Downtown Edmond

Twiggs, Clayton Fike and Brandon Birdwell to Perform on Stage

Edmond, Okla. (Aug. 11, 2022) – Citizens Bank of Edmond’s Heard on Hurd returns on Saturday, August 20, at the corner of Broadway and Hurd in downtown Edmond to celebrate back to school season. Attendees will enjoy live, local music and a variety of food trucks and pop-up shops from 6-10 p.m.

“Back to school season is a great reminder of the importance of investing in our local schools and community and one of the largest driving factors behind Heard on Hurd,” said Jill Castilla, president and CEO at Citizens Bank of Edmond. “Our team at the bank is very proud of the work we do throughout the year to support our schools and we’re excited to celebrate our teachers, students and parents who are embarking on a new school year at this month’s Heard on Hurd.”

The Heard on Hurd stage will be rocking with local talent from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Brandon Birdwell will take the stage at 6 p.m., followed by Clayton Fike at 7:20 p.m. and Twiggs will headline at 8:40 p.m.

This month’s featured nonprofit is Peppers Ranch Foster Care Community. Peppers Ranch seeks to break the generational cycle of child abuse and neglect through loving homes, counseling and growth-oriented activities. Attendees will be able to learn about ways to support the families and youth at the ranch by visiting their tent next to the Heard on Hurd stage.

The Citizens Bank of Edmond Community Lobby will be full of fun as festival-goes can meet and take photos with UCO’s Mascot, Buddy Broncho and special guests Batman and Catwoman. The Community Lobby is open from 6-8 p.m.

The August 20th event will feature more than 30 food trucks, including Afonso’s Smoked BBQ, Big Biang Theory, Bondi Bowls, Daisy-Mae’s Ice Creamery, Lalo’s Taco Chop, Some Like It Tot, The Saucee Sicilian, Barbells and BBQ, Chef Rays Street Eats, Sno Smore, Dos Gringos Cabana, Let’s Do Greek, Kona Ice, Split Top Dogs, Wicked Wings & Things, Biggsys BBQ Shack, HTeaO, Murphy’s Cookshack, Psycho Taco, Frozen Joe’s, SnoBiz Concessions, Jamaican Thunder, Jolas Kitchen, Squeeze Me Lemonade, Oak City Pizza, Taste of Africa, Wicked Hangry, Wondervan Pops, That Lunch Truck, The Butcher BBQ Stand, Yum Yum Bites, Classic Diner, Slappys Funnel Cakes, Falcone’s Pizza and It’s Not Just Cake.

Additionally, nearly 30 pop-up shops will be at Heard on Hurd, including Bison Creek Clothing, Bella Vida Boutique, Little Okie Learning Co, FreezeOKC, The Plant Dudes, Felicia’s Country Corner, M V Artesian Boutique, Too Cute Things, Cuttingedge Puzzles, Dust Bowl Tough, Selva, Sha’s Nursery, Guardian Angel Creations, The Rose Buud, GoGE Skate, Smokin Bandit BBQ Sauce, Dutch Addictions, Dallas Designs, Annie’s Sweets, Copper Dust Jewelry, Hitch by Billie, Lucky Lulu, Out of Africa, Puppy Paws Hotel and Spa, Cyndy’s Creative Designs, Scars and Strips Coffee, The Daily Shredd, Indigo Skies and Kaleidoscope Arts.

Emory Anne Interiors has some pretty great new Fall shipments arriving now!

If there was ever a time I was more excited to welcome Fall decor, it’s this year! EAI is located on 150th Street, just south east of Santa Fe, has an amazing stock of everything you could possibly need for your home, including furniture, accessories, anything involving cooking, gifts, jewelry and so much more. My favorite thing about EAI is how Anne McCarthy searches all markets around the country and sometimes the world for items that are fresh and unique. Hours are Monday through Friday 10-6 pm and Saturday’s 10-5 pm.

Hoping all of you had a great first few days back to school and are getting into the new school year’s groove, and that you all will make it out to Heard on Hurd Saturday to celebrate!

Check back for more of what’s happening around Edmond, and thanks for sticking with me while everything is changing. Here’s to remaining Covid free for the rest of the year.