Around Edmond: Happy New Year Edmond! We are better together.

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Hi everyone! I can’t believe this blog has lasted for the last 14 years. Originally when I started the blog, I intended to bring to Edmond real information instead of the canned press releases that news orgs posted as news, and to bring to light what was unique about retailers, restaurants and other service businesses. I think I did a good job at bringing a more realistic recap of happenings around Edmond over these years.

My business is not owned by nor supported by the City of Edmond, and I offer this information to allow new residents to understand that EdmondActive and this blog are owed by myself, as another independent business who has lived in Edmond for almost two decades.

I love the City of Edmond, and this winter I was so fortunate to be able to work with the Downtown Edmond Business Association. The current group of business owners are so very appreciative of your support as are the EdmondActive supporters, especially this year with lower sales caused by still messed up supply chains and inflation. Be kind to all of our business owners, you have no idea how hard they are fighting to stay in Edmond. That causes me to bring up a prolonged new habit of bad behavior a minority in Edmond started when Covid hit, that is not warranted.

This last year I saw so many people degrading the public school system but also City Council and retailers and restaurants, as well, due to political unrest by some minority factions of the Republican party. What resulted was continued lack of decency and decorum that mostly Edmond has enjoyed all of these years regardless of party. We all know we need to conduct ourselves accordingly to be able to happily coexist in a small community, and yes, 93,000+ residents is a small community, still.

Most conspiracy theories that were subject to such violent unrest in January 2021 have been proven to be nonexistent,, so it is time for everyone, both sides, to perhaps dispense with the bad behavior toward each other that the minority wants so badly to continue into this New Year.

I have been a democrat for 40 years, albeit a conservative democrat. I couldn’t care less about what party someone is when I interview them to highlight their business, I am only trying to help their business by helping our community be aware that their business exists, which in turn helps our sales tax collection, making funds available that help make Edmond a very pleasant place to live. That’s it. That’s my agenda despite what some local “patriots” claimed in 2020 and through 2021.

Starting today, I would like to invite you to participate with EdmondActive throughout the year with fun stories, and stunning photos bringing to light why YOU love Edmond, by tagging me at #Shopedmond or #AroundEdmond. You can tag us at Instagram, Facebook & Twitter, and I will be posting your photos in a new weekly Sunday section called AE Week in Photos.

I think all of us participating in something fun as a collaborative group is needed after so much political bs this last fall. I can tell you that I will remain true to my integrity that I will continue to call bs what it is, should it arise, so please don’t ask me to sit down and smile more suggesting telling the truth is somehow unprofessional.

With that said, let us get a happy, healthy, positive New Year started, and let’s enjoy Edmond for the wonderful place that it is.

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