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Hi everyone, and here’s to hoping you’re feeling a little more normal this weekend. I’ve been busy with coordinating with my vendor’s for the print magazine, trying to figure out a new and limited distribution plan, and gathering information for the magazine, and as well as taking listings on this site for our new business directory.

In our town and state’s plan to reopen the economy, beauty salons, gyms, and other personal care providers, along with some dining rooms at restaurants reopened yesterday under strict guidelines and it appears everything went smoothly. Remember, some restaurants are only still operating with curbside services, so check on your favorites, and be patient with them. Regardless of their choices, they all deserve a little grace in either decision they make.

I was stunned to see some citizens threaten business owners in Stillwater yesterday, over the city’s mandatory mask policy, to which the city rescinded, due to physical and gun violence threats. This is unnecessary on so many levels. And, some services industry boards require a mask to be worn by providers and customers, so I hope those in Stillwater didn’t want a haircut or their nails done anytime soon.

No one actually knows the numbers of those infected or sick, which in this day and age is unthinkable. I can say wearing a mask is uncomfortable, screws up my makeup and fogs up my glasses, but I have respect for those around me and will wear one until I know I don’t have it and am not impeding on other’s rights to life and health. That’s all, nothing more or less. If you chose not to do so, Edmond only heavily suggests it, as does OKC, but you are not required to. Hoping those that have to require masks or business owners that feel more comfortable doing so don’t meet the same nasty treatment from customers as those business owners in Stillwater, business owners really deserve all of the respect and grace from us as humanly possible right now.


Breaking news from ex Oklahoman journalist Eriech Tapia about the Edmond Sun shutting its doors. It’s interesting that just before the Alabama based publisher CNHI announced the shuttering of the Edmond Sun, that CNHI announced its decision to stop daily publishing of the Norman Transcript from 7 days a week to 5 a few weeks ago, today announcing the Sun would close and that the Norman Transcript would be taking on Edmond coverage.

If you are a subscriber of the Edmond Sun, you will now receive a Norman Transcript with limited Edmond coverage every Wednesday.

The Alabama based Edmond Sun publishing company made this statement to which KOCO 5’s Abigail Ogle posted at 3:30 pm today:

In Edmond, if you want to visit the Farmer’s Market, a mask is also required. Other fresh food options are out there including Urban Argrarian at Main and Broadway, to which you can call in and pay for your order, they will pack it up for you and drop into your trunk curbside. No contact, no mask, no problem.

On top of running two rounds of SBA PPP loans through the SBA for approval to help local small businesses, and with limited system functionality available to them, the team at Citizen’s Bank of Edmond resumed their normal business hours after about 5 weeks of limited hours. The banks physical lobby at 1st St. & Broadway remains closed, but you can schedule an appointment if you have necessary business that must be handled in person. The drive through is open at Hurd and Broadway, and their interactive teller is available at the banks ATM’s.

You can contact Citizen’s Bank here if your small business needs assistance and they will be happy to help you in any way possible.

The organizers of the 2020 LibertyFest events have made the decision to cancel the event for this year. Please find their post that further explains their decision:

Stop by this next week for more happening around Edmond!