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Hi everyone and welcome back to Around Edmond! If you are new to the area and this blog, hopefully you’ll follow along throughout the year and it is useful to you.

This year was off to a slow start for so many, it felt like January just drug on forever, with the never ending holidays seeing kids out of school, colds, flu, etc. Luckily, that month is over and we are off to a positive start to the rest of the year. I know I have cleared out negative influences all around me and the year looks bright and fun from here on out!

Modern Whimsy Interior Design located inside of Vault 405 at Hurd & Broadway in Downtown Edmond

EdmondActive always prints 8 to 10 print issues per year, and I was lucky to start January with an uplifting conversation with Kellie Clements, lead designer and owner of Modern Whimsy Interiors, which offices out of Citizen’s Bank of Edmond’s co working space Vault 405. Kellie and her team are so nice, and fun! I am featuring them in Local Edmond in this dual month issue because of the energetic contributions she and her talented team are making throughout Edmond, not only in homes, but in the new and renewed business and restaurant spaces in our town. She has woven her colorful thread through our town recently, and the result is simply delightful.

I hope you’ll take a look at the article and check out a recent project she has been working on.

Also in this new issue of EdmondActive, we reflect on Martha and Gary Hall, innkeepers of the 18 time award

Arcadian Getaways Entrance all decorated for Valentine’s Day! www.ArcadianGetaways.com to reserve your cottage!

winning Arcadian Inn for 26 years, and the sister cottages at Arcadian Getaways for 30 years, which are equally award winning!

Martha and Gary are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this year, and for the last 30 years have been a local favorite for military couples to seek a little couples refuge, newlyweds and a place for out of town visitors to rest their heads over the years. They are a ministry of love and marriage to the many who know and love them, and are an inspiration to the institution of marriage and family, along with their constant faith being an amazing thing to witness, and that has carried them happily through the years.

I can’t wait to send this new issue off to print and get it distributed, and get started on a spring themed March issue!

Social Edmond

We are bringing back our popular section to print and here at Edmondactive.com, and this time it is all about our community where we all spend most of our time – who is doing what, who is doing good…. you get the idea! If you have someone you’d like us to feature here during the week, send us a DM at any of our social feeds at Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @EdmondActive!

Heard on Hurd is seeking new vendors for the 2020 season!

Citizen’s Bank of Edmond supporting Verbode Urbancore Artists

City Buzz – ShopEdmond

Faux Orchids found at Emory Anne Interiors at 150th & just east of Santa Fe

There is a real change happening in Edmond with retail spaces changing almost weekly! Pinkitzel, previously located in Spring Creek Village years ago, has relocated and reopened in Edmond next door to Emory Anne Interiors! Botanical Bar, on the other side of Emory Anne Interiors, is seeking a full time or a few part time floral designers, and 1884 Railyard, a new cigar bar concept is planning on opening west of Broadway on 1st Street in the Edmond Railyard in time for Valentine’s Day.

Galentine’s Day Event at Emory Anne Interiors

Emory Anne Interiors is planning a Galentine’s Day event February 7 – check the post below for more information!

If you are ever wanting to check out a cute locally owned boutique on a Sunday (most here are closed this day) be sure to stop by Luluandlo’s on Broadway in Downtown Edmond! Great selection of clothing for a wide array of sizes, along with shoes, acccesories and cute gift ideas!

In big box news, everyone went crazy at the buildout happening in the old Hobby Lobby/Toy’s R Us space on Penn by Quail Springs Mall with At Home beginning their 35,000 sq ft space. It’s going to be gigantic for sure, and a great resource for unusual or basic items for your home at a heavy discount.

In Edmond, on the big box front, the TJ Maxx Company is preparing its Edmond Home Goods store at 33rd just west of Broadway which is rumored to be opening approximately sometime in March 2020

Oops I Arted Art Studio is going to be relocating next week to The Shoppes at Bryant and 33rd Street and Risa would like to leave the old space with some amazing Valentines pieces! More information here:

That’s it for today, back to final files on the new issue of EdmondActive Magazine! Keep your eye out for new calendar additions and all new ShopEdmond and Local Edmond features!

See all of you around Edmond,

Sherri Hultner