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Hi everyone!

I have been working on 3 consecutive issues of Edmondactive Magazine over the last month, and have finally finished the Oct/Nov. 2017 Issue that is off to the printer, and am currently working on the Christmas issue, January and February 2018 issues. Click on the cover to check out the latest issue — and thanks for taking the time to read our October/
November edition of EdmondActive.

The Kivlehen House is on this month’s cover, located on Jackson, in Downtown Edmond. The owner’s of 525 Real Estate Group, Mariana Verga Lloyd and Benjamin Floyd renovated this home and really understand what it takes to help so many locally with their dreams of home ownership and are generous in lending their expertise to help make this a reality for many. Their connection to residents before, during and after real estate transactions and concern for the community at large, made this landmark home the perfect reflection of home for November’s cover.

In this issue, Benjamin Floyd, owner/managing broker of the 525 Realty Group at the Kivlehen House gives advice to those in their twenties who are on the fence about whether or not they should buy a home yet or just wait.

This time of year always gives way to volunteering with local organizations for the upcoming holidays. Some of my favorite things in Edmond during this time of year are the holiday lights going up, the turning of the leaves and of course the giving nature occurring around Edmond.
On November 23, 2017, the UCO Nigh Center Ballroom will be home to the Edmond community Thanksgiving Dinner from 11 am to 3 pm. Numerous leaders and residents from around the
area participate every year and the event is free to the community, thanks to generous individuals and corporations.

Also, if you’d like to sponsor a family for Christmas be sure to contact the Hope Center on Broadway for more information.

This last few weeks there were some fun events happening around town, including Edmond Family Counseling who held their 1st Annual Citywide Talent Show with their event Edmond Shines. This event showcased some phenomenal talent to raise money for the programs Edmond
Family Counseling offers to the Edmond community through the year, as well. It will be so fun to see these events again next year with all new talent! Check out the photo gallery from the event:

Also, as it gets colder outside, I decided to try a Pinterest living wreath project and I have included the projects instructions. You can do so many variations including using succulents to adjust the look to your personal style. This version with pansies only took about an hour
to complete and is really pretty and will hold up with the cold air moving in.

In this months Local Flavor, we feature a new wine called Spellbound and pass on information from Thirst Wine Merchants about their efforts to help support the Napa and Sonoma County Fire winery fire victims. It’s always nice to know our purchases are making a difference.
And last, in CityBuzz, this month Citizen’s Bank of Edmond hosted their 2nd Socially Unacceptable Workshop with small business owners, featuring consultant from Edmond, Scott
Williams. If you get the chance to attend their next workshop, it is highly recommended .

Anne McCarthy celebrated one year in her new location of Emory Anne Interiors at 150th & Santa Fe with her Annual Holiday Open House Thursday November 2, 2017! Check out the photo gallery here:

I hope you enjoy this issue, and come back Wednesday for a Holiday Open House Preview from 2 Doors Down and Serendipity Market!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see all of you around Edmond!