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Hi everyone! What a title, right?! Hoping you all are hanging in there with the midterm elections coming up. It’s quite devisive, for certain.

First up, make a note that the Edmond Ice Rink is celebrating its 12th year with opening day on Saturday November 5, 2022 (Next Saturday!!!) at Mitch Park! Visit EdmondIceRink.com for pricing and specific hours!


Before I get to it, I must remind you that next Thursday from 4-8 Emory Anne Interiors on 150th just se of Santa Fe is having their annual Holiday Open House with many, many new items in stock to decorate for the holidays, give as gifts or to refresh your interior before guests arrive. Also, there are phenomenal sales from 25% to 50% off going on to help you get holiday ready!

2022 EA Endorsements

I endorse the candidates who show a genuine propensity to even remotely and actually care about their constituents.

Before my endorsements, I want to add that in Edmond you will be asked to approve or deny a zoning change that the Edmond City Council approved for an apartment project near I-35 and Memorial.

Here is what that property looks like at the bottom center, and the complex would be 135 facing:

Here is Ward 2 Councilman Moore’s public explanation, and I hope you will vote for this complex with all others being virtually fully occupied: 

I endorse Joy Hofmeister for Governor because I actually believe she wants the job. And, because she is doing the work and putting in the time to hear what concerns residents of our state have, and because I believe she understands the hard work it takes to govern effectively and with compassion and empathy.

I endorse Kendra Horn for US Senate for her willingness to work with everyone and address and actually speak to her constituents, and is one of the most level headed politicians Oklahoma has offered for a National office and I do not believe she would vote to overturn a US Presidential election.

I am thrilled to see so many younger candidates try for local, state and national offices and I endorse Madison Horn for US Senate, because she is putting the work in that is necessary to be able to understand where her constituents are at, but her concentration on the concerns of rural voters not just urban voters, and I do not believe she would vote to over throw a US Presidential election, as Mr. Lankford did.

Over the last two years, I’m not actually sure what Mrs. Bice has accomplished as she has been quiet about any work she has done, and the fact that she voted to overturn a US Presidential election has me endorsing a hard working young man named Joshua Till for US Congress District 5.

For State Senate District 22, I am endorsing Blake Aguirre, as he has been extremely engaged with providing information and answering constituent questions on social platforms, as well as having feet on the ground talking to residents.

Nick Singer is a young candidate running for County Assessor who has blown me away with his use of social media and how accessible he is to constituents, but for the level of general information about what the office does, his engagement with residents on many topics showing his knowledge of what he is running for, and simply explaining how the office affects residents, gets Nick my endorsement. 

And, Ryan Walters bizarre q anon conspiracy theories that has him stating he will change the curriculum the state legislature sets for American History to Christian American History instead, is straight up ridiculous, and has me endorsing Jena Nelson for State Superintendent of Education, besides the normal fact that she is actually immensely qualified.

Seems a low bar, but being compassionate and empathetic to those who you represent is where we are at.

When law makers took control over groups of Oklahoman’s bodily rights to do with it as they and their doctors see fit, after spending two years complaining about temporary requirements to wear simple medical masks during a viral pandemic, seems like dystopian times.

Here is what Ryan Walters had to say Saturday morning in an interview with the Norman Transcript:

And as if this weren’t enough, there is a male DA candidate who directly accused Vicki Behenna of wrongdoing, and just Friday she was vindicated as having done nothing wrong by a Judge, impeaching his horrible claim made during a Non Doc debate.

I endorse Vicki  Behenna, as she has the experience to be our DA in Oklahoma County, as she helped convict Timothy McVeigh for the Oklahoma Bombing in 1995, has tried many cases over 25 years, has worked with the Innocence Project, and understands that convictions shouldn’t be related to how good of friends she is with someone or their wealth, but that evidence is the key factor for making charges against and prosecuting people, no matter their standing, wealth or otherwise. This will go a long way towards justice being served – fairly.

Jill Castilla President and CEO of Citizen’s Bank of Edmond delivers keynote speech to the American Bankers Most Powerful Women in Banking this weekend

Jill Castilla insists the importance of connection between community banks is necessary, and invited everyone to come visit her here in Edmond! Jill is Edmond’s best marketer, for certain!

Take a look at the article here:

Middle of the Road Dinner benefitting Edmond Mobile Meals

The Middle of the Road Dinner was held Thursday evening, to benefit Edmond Mobile Meals just behind the Twisted Tree Bakery, and was well attended, well presented and after light rain, had a double rainbow appear right over 1st Street and Broadway! So happy for Edmond Mobile Meals, as they offer never wavering service to our city’s elderly, disabled and homebound residents! You can donate to them by visiting EdmondMobileMeals.org.

Thanks for reading and be sure to follow our social accounts @Edmondactive at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see what’s happening daily around Edmond.

See you all back here Tuesday! Happy Halloween!