I sat down and had a conversation with Susan Foskin, owner of Edmond’s Paper Arts Paper Studio, at 632 W Edmond Rd., about her journey leading her to her recent ownership of the shop, and I asked her to explain what it’s all about – for those who are new to Paper Arts. When Susan isn’t at the shop, she is usually hard at work in her home studio creating new items for the shop, or coming up with new ideas for classes!

Here’s what Susan had to say:

EA: Tell us who you are and when you became involved with Paper Arts.

Susan: I am a Christ-loving, dog-hugging, 2-time stroke surviving, wife to an amazing man, local small business owner. I became involved with Paper Arts in 2014 while recovering from my second stroke. I became involved in day to day operations in the December of 2014. It officially became mine last Thursday, Feb. 1st.

EA: What is Paper Arts?

Susan: Paper Arts is a Scrapbooking and cardmaking boutique that offers top of the line, unique products, classes, one on one instruction and ready made gifts.

EA: Does Paper Arts offer space for creating projects?

Susan: Yes, we have a work area that people are welcome to use during regular business hours.

EA: Does Paper Arts offer classes?

Susan: We offer 2-3 classes/week. However, I have a different spin on classes. Rather than have a set time and date for everybody to come, you have the entire week. So anytime that I am open during that week you can come work on your class. I just ask you start it at least 1 hour before closing. You can take as long as you need or as many days as you need that week.

EA: Tell us what is the most important aspect of running Paper Arts for you.

Susan: To me, I want people to have a Happy Place to escape to and relax. I want them to know that they can come to Paper Arts to ask how-to questions, take classes, create and laugh with friends, or just sit in the quiet for a bit if they need. So creating an environment that allows that, while also providing product that is unique, sometimes exclusive to Paper Arts, is an extremely important part of my job.

You can find Susan at the Paper Arts Studio located at 632 W Edmond Rd. Tuesdays 10-5:30, Wednesdays & Fridays 10-6, Thursdays 10-8 and Saturdays 10-4, and at Facebook at Paper Arts, Instagram at Paper Arts Edmond and Twitter at PaperArts632. You can call the shop at 405-330-2055.

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