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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Vault 405 Brings Coworking Craze To Edmond

Resting in the old Citizens Bank of Edmond building on 10 N. Broadway, Edmond’s new coworking space, Vault 405, officially opens for business on...

Around Edmond: Heard on Hurd kicks off its 3rd Annual Film Festival Saturday. Citybuzz.

Hi everyone! Hoping all of you are enjoying your vacations and staycations. I've not had either for a few years, but I have to...

2019 EdmondActive Community Favorites Nomination Ballot

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Local Edmond: Oops I Arted Art Studio

I recently sat down with Risa Wilkins, owner and artist at Oops I Arted, located at 15200 Traditions Blvd between Santa Fe and Western...

Local Edmond: A conversation with Sherry Jordan, Edmond Chamber of Commerce President

Sherry Jordan is entering her second year as the president of the Edmond Chamber of Commerce. Under her leadership, the Chamber introduced some new...

Around Edmond: Citizens Bank of Edmond’s Heard on Hurd Draws in Families for Start...

Over father’s day weekend, Citizens Bank of Edmond’s Heard on Hurd rocked the streets of downtown Edmond with their block party style...

Local Edmond: GetFitOK – My story and conversation with Brian Attebery, owner of Results...

In mid 2017, it had become clear to me that my sedentary lifestyle, of sitting while doing computer work, had taken its toll on...

Local Edmond: Vance Gregory on 45 Years of ownership at Edmond Wine Shop

EA: Vance, tell us the story of how Edmond Wine Shop got started 45 years ago. VG: Well, I left my job at Byron’s in...

Citizen’s Bank of Edmond unveils unmanned bank with Midtown Bank

FIRST #UNBANK OPENING IN MIDTOWN Midtown Bank by Citizens Bank of Edmond to Celebrate Grand Opening Ceremony on June 27 Oklahoma City, Okla. (June 15, 2018)...

Local Edmond: Fostering Sweet Dreams helping families in and around Edmond

With the State seeing the highest rate of children entering into the foster care system, sometimes an immediate placement with extended family cannot occur...

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